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  1. 2016 Cost Savings Data from GHDFC
  2. Case Study: Medicare Cost Savings for Medications
  3. Cost Savings Case Studies
  4. Dear Small Business Owner
  5. DPC Coupled with Insurance
  6. DPC Power Point for Patient Town Hall Meeting (not lettered)
  7. DPC Power Point for Chamber of Commerce/Businesses (not lettered)
  8. Employer Town Hall Announcement
  9. Facebook Case Studies #1
  10. Facebook Case Studies #2
  11. GHDFC Letterhead (not lettered)
  12. Letter to Health Sharing Ministries
  13. Letter to Patients Requesting Permission to Share Online Office Review
  14. Medically Informative Posts (MIP’s) for social media/bulk emails to patients
  15. Patient Appreciation Events
  16. Presentation Supporting State DPC Legislation
  17. Published Articles About DPC
  18. Generic Medication Cost Comparison Table