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Please Read Before Purchasing

Important Information to Know Before You Purchase


1. Document formatting in One Drive appears differently than the final product that will be downloaded. The download will be a Word document which have been downloaded and proofed for proper formatting by our staff.

2. The first document in each folder serves as an introductory overview to the chapter or sub chapter.  These titles are blue font or green font.  Please take a moment to read them.

3. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT download the chapters or manual from an a mobile device. After purchasing you will have 2 hours to download your files. After that time, you will lose access. Please make sure you download the complete chapter or manual you purchased within this time frame.

Notice of Unauthorized Disclosure and Use

When you purchase any part of our manual, please note by clicking on “Accept” and/or by accessing GHDFC Manual, Licensee expressly agrees to the specific limitations on use of the Manual and to protect GHDFC’s Manual from unauthorized disclosure and use.  If there is unauthorized disclosure and use of this manual and if Licensee uses the Manual for any purpose other than to create and operate a direct patient care practice that is wholly owned by one or more physicians (for example, a vendor or corporation selling services), Licensee shall pay, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the additional fee of $10,000.  For corporate rates please contact us.